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Straznice Region


Straznice is one of the many places where Jan Amos Comenius, often referred to as the Teacher of Nations, spent small parts of his life. In 1604, when Comenius was 12, his parents died and he came to Straznice to live with his aunt. Being a child from a protestant family of the Moravian Brethren, he attended the local Brethren school in Straznice. A year later, during the Hungarian uprising against the Habsburgs, Straznice was raided by the troops of Istvan (Stephen) Boczkay, Prince of Transylvania. Comenius’s uncle was killed and the house was burnt down. The young Jan Amos had to move yet again.

local museum

At the place where the original house had stood in Skalicka street, a commemorative plaque can be found. The Brethren school is no longer there – it was replaced by the building of the Church of the Virgin Mary’s Ascension. However, there is a memorial to the old Brethren education in Bratrska (=Brethren) street. The third place in Straznice associated with Comenius is the main town square with his statue and a permanent exhibition in the local museum.

Jan Amos Komensky statue

GPS position

N 48° 54.130', E 17° 18.846'



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