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Straznice Region


Every year visitors of the Straznice International Folklore Festival have an opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the Best Dancer of the Moravian-Slovakia “Verbunk” (Dance of Recruits) Dance contest.

contest Best Dancer of the Moravian-Slovakia “Verbunk”

Verbunk is a type of male dance, which is still performed not only at official performances and festivals, but also at spontaneous entertainment events all across the Moravian-Slovakia region. Its name and history are related to the way in which young men were recruited for army service in 18th and 19th centuries. Until today, the dance has preserved its ceremonious, competitive, erotic, and social function. It gives the dancers a lot of space for improvisation in terms of movement and emotional expression. The dance has many variations. In Moravian-Slovakia alone there are 6 regional types of verbunk. Outside the Czech Republic, similar dances are still danced in western Slovakia and Hungary.

In 2005 verbunk was awarded the UNESCO Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage status. The care for this unique cultural phenomenon is guaranteed by the National Institute for Folk Culture in Straznice. The objective is to preserve the regional variations of the dance and especially the spontaneous and authentic approach of the verbunk dancers.

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