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Straznice Region


The Haiger stone is a memorial to the gamekeeper Maxmilian Haiger, who was shot dead by a poacher close to the Morava river (in the Straznice forest district) in 1873. The tragic event is remembered in a folk song from Straznice, which states:

Whatever happened some time ago in the Straznice wood? A gamekeeper was killed there by some Vracov poachers.

When Haiger’s colleagues found his dead body not far from the Morava river, they came to the conclusion that he was very likely killed by poachers. It all happened at a time when the relations between the people of Straznice and those of Vracov (a small town some 12km NW of Straznice) were rather strained. That was why in the folk song the murder was ascribed to poachers from Vracov. Years later, however, new facts were revealed. People say that Matula, an old farmer from Straznice, confessed on his deathbed to killing Haiger; Matula had been poaching on the other side of the Morava river when Haiger saw him. Scared, Matula decided to kill the gamekeeper, and so remove an unwanted witness of his illegal activities.

the Haiger stone areal

In another local folk song, the Haiger memorial is mentioned:

*When I go to the Haiger stone some grass to cut I will be wearing a scarf which is as red as blood. *

(in the English version we took the liberty and replaced the original comparison “red as flame” with “red as blood”, so that it would rhyme).

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