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Straznice Region


The Little Ringed Plover and the Common Sandpiper are two species of birds that can be seen on the gravel and sand beaches of the Morava river. Both species are “waders”, which means that they are adapted to life on shores and in wetlands. They not only forage for food (small invertebrates) in the mud and layers of gravel on the shore, but also nest directly on or very close to it.

Little Ringed (Charadrius dubius)

Common Sandpiper (Actitis hypoleucos)

The Little Ringed Plover and the Common Sandpiper do not built proper nests – they lay their eggs in little holes among pebbles on river beaches. This is a nesting habit which makes them very vulnerable. Their eggs are often swept away by high water if a flood comes, but more importantly, they are becoming increasingly threatened by humans. People (anglers, local day-trippers and tourists on boats) are attracted by the beaches in the Morava river bed and they often trample the eggs, just because they cannot see them – the eggs look very much like ordinary pebbles. This is why we would like to ask you to stay off the beaches during the Common Sandpiper’s and the Little Ringed Plover’s breeding season (1st April to 15th July). Thank you very much for sticking to this restriction. By doing so, you help nature conservation authorities support the survival of these two birds in this area.

gravel and sand banks of river morava

GPS position

N 48° 54.850', E 17° 16.636'



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