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Straznice Region


Just a few steps from the Vnorovy lock (where the Bata Canal intersects the Morava River), there is an oxbow lake called “Beehives”. Oxbow lakes are interesting phenomena; some are created artificially when man decides to make a river straight rather then curvy and regulate the natural course of the river, others form naturally when bends of meandering rivers are eventually cut off by the main stream. When this happens, the severed meander is abandoned by the river and the water flow feeding it is stopped. However, it can still be fed by underground water. It is also often flooded by the river during high water level periods. The soil brought by the floods starts filling the oxbow lake in and it gradually overgrows with plants, shrubs and trees.

the oxbow lake – scheme

The majority of the oxbow lakes we can see in the Czech Republic today are the result of human intervention. In the past 150 years the straightening of the rivers (river regulation) cost the country some 4,600 km of meandering river courses. On the Morava River alone, over 180 oxbow lakes were created. The Czech experience from large scale floods in 1997, 2002, and 2006 shows, that not even these expensive technical flood prevention measures can guarantee complete safety. The river needs to be given space, so that it can self-regulate its flow, spreading the excess water into natural floodplains with very good water retention capacity in flood periods.

GPS position

N 48° 55.836', E 17° 19.701'



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