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In the neighborhood of the village Milá, about 9 km from Louny, there is a solitary peak called Milá (510 m above sea level). The basalt cone mountain with a rounded summit is partly wooded, mostly on the northern slope. Milá deserved to be classified as a nature reserve due to the warmth-loving plant community that it supports, and in 1958 it was added to the list of protected areas. The eastern side of the hill is covered mostly by bushes and shrubs from steppe and forest steppe habitats. The western side is covered with forest trees. It is possible to find many types of endangered plant species here, for example Pheasant's Eye (Adonis vernalis), Basket of Gold (Aurinia saxatilis) or St Bernard's Lily (Anthericum liliago). Among the common shrubs here is the dog rose (Rosa canina). A large variety of vertebrates and molluscs live here, and it is possible to come upon mouflon wild sheep, sometimes even in herd quantities. The mountain offers a superb view over the landscape, especially noteable are the view of the nearby massif Rané to the south and also the beautiful view to the east.



GPS position

N 50° 25.984', E 13° 45.354'



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