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Čičov u Hořenec

Čičov is a basalt cone mountain, also known as Hořenecký Špičák (Hořenec's tusk). It is locate 10 km north of Louny, above the village of Hořenec and not far from Libčeves.
This is an unusual locality of great importance, declared a national nature preserve not only because it hosts warmth-loving steppe flowers, but also because of the area's mineralogy. The local underbrush consists of thin, pervasive steppe grasses, and it is protected under the nature preserve. The small pasque flower (Pulsatilla pragensia), feather grass (stipa pennata ) and hair grass (stipa capillata) are very common here.
This almost bare peak was originally the remains of a volcano. When it was being created, today's mountain was entirely under the earth and above ground was only a crater.
The area is known for crystals of aragonite, with colours ranging from wine to light honey, which crystalized in the forms from needles up to rather large crystals. Completely clear crystals are rarer. Well-developed crystals have the shape of a six-sided column, even though this is a rhombic mineral. Aragonite is found as a filler in some cracks in rocks, these are mostly found on the east and south flanks of the mountain.
The most recent significant discoveries here were made in the first half of the 1990s.
Čičov is a protected nature reserve, where it is strictly forbidden to collect anything. It was also the favourite place of artist Kamil Lhoták


Výhled na Rannou a Oblík

Vzorky Aragonitu

GPS position

N 50° 26.042', E 14° 0.926'



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