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Bohemian Gate Trail

Malé - Velké Žernoseky – Ferryboat

The villages Malé Žernoseky and Velké Žernoseky are traditionally connected with a ferryboat across the Labe River which has been in use for many years. There was a married couple of Mr. and Mrs. Guder who were in charge of the ferryboat transport service regardless of the weather until 1968. From that time the ferryboat was closed until the 24th September 1999. The villages Malé and Velké Žernoseky made a great deal in bringing it back in operation.

The Labe River is one of the largest European rivers and water routes. It rises in the Giant Mountains in the north of Bohemia at a place called Labská louka (Labe´s meadow) at the altitude of 1384 m above the sea level. It runs through Germany and flows into the North Sea. Its total length is 1 154 km long. 358.3 km of its length is in Bohemia. The Labe River basin has a catchment area of 144 055 square kilometres. It is interesting to note that in spite of the Vltava River being larger and longer at the confluence with the Labe River it is considered the tributary of the Labe River, not the other way round. The Labe River is considered to be the largest Czech river.

Grapevine is grown on sunny river slopes at Velké Žernoseky. It is here where the river enters the Gate of Bohemia – Porta Bohemie running along the cones of the České Středoří Mountains, through a narrow canyon further to Ústí nad Labem. Steep rocks with Střekov castle on the top tower over the river. Bílina tributary flows into the Labe River in Ústí nad Labem. From here the wide river continues slowly to Děčín. It further flows through České Švýcarsko Mountains to the state borders with Germany.


Pohled na řeku Labe k Velkým Žernosekám

Pohled na kotvitě přes Labe

GPS position

N 50° 32.329', E 14° 3.593'



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