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Džbán reservoir: fish and fry

Džbán reservoir belongs to the Šárecký brook 2 – Džbán reservoir sports fishery region, managed by the Czech Fishery Association. It is reserved for fishing by holders of non-trout national, association and regional permits issued by Prague CFA office.

Džbán reservoir was drained completely and its fish population lifted in 2007. The fish population was lifted by the Czech Fishery Association on 15 November 2007. Since draining the reservoir frequently results in partial washout of the sediment into the Litovický-Šárecký brook, the CFA also lifted the fish in the brook as a preventive measure. A total of 31,544 fish were lifted. Most of them were white fish (27,320); catfish were the least populous (4 individuals, totalling 100 kg). Fish species Number of individuals White fish 27,320 Carp 2300 Eel 750 Silver carp 572 Pikeperch 308 Crucian 270 Grass carp 20 Catfish 4

Following the lifting in the autumn of 2008, a new fish population was set in suitable for sport fishery while respecting the lido function. About 3000 kg of carp and 2500 pikeperch were set in. Sports fishery is only permitted on the left lake shore between the brook inlet and the boundary markers, with a ban on the use of baits and feeders and contamination of the lake.

This text was produced using information resources issued by Prague Forest Company. More info at www.lesypraha.cz.

GPS position

N 50° 5.638', E 14° 19.441'



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