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Wild Šárka

Divoká Šárka homesteads

The Divoká Šárka area is very diverse, and includes places difficult to access as well as others that have been populated by people since prehistory. In addition to various archaeological sites, there are numerous historical homesteads, some of which were built in the 16th century and have survived in a good condition to this day.

• Dívčí skok (Girl’s Jump) – Divoká Šárka no. 3/41. A homestead from the late 16th century. Converted to a mill later on; converted to the holiday restaurant Na Dívčím skoku in the late 19th century; it still exists today. • Čertův Mlýn (Devil’s Mill) – Divoká Šárka no. 4/39. Originally Tuček Mill, the core of which was built in the 17th century. Converted to a restaurant later on; shut down in 1945. Classified as heritage building since 1970. A private residence at presence. • Želivka – Divoká Šárka no. 5/37. Originally a medieval grange owned by Strahov Premonstratensians. Present-day buildings from the 19th century and later. • Vizerka, a homestead without an address. Its origin is unknown. The present-day buildings date from the early 19th century, still inhabited.

This text was produced using information resources issued by Prague MC Environmental Protection Department. http://envis.praha-mesto.cz.

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