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Svatojánský okruh


Warm-requiring are one of the most significant biotopes of Český kras. They occure at the peaks and upper places of the southern and south-western orientated slopes, from the shallow to the middle deep, intermittent soils, rendzinas. On the limestones occures an endemic vegetation of the oak and Lathyrus pannonicus and on the acid rocks stunted oaks with Vincetoxicum hirundinaria. This type of fellowship is an example of the contact between forestery and steppic vegetation.
The dominate type of oaks is the Downey Oak. The shrub layer is mainly made by European Cornel. In the herb layer grows Purple Gromwell, Dictamnus Albus, Anthericum ramosum, Glaucous Bedstraw.
From the beetles lives here the protected stag beetle, whose occurence is the reason for higher protection of this territory within the sites of European importance Natura 2000

GPS Position

N 49° 58.248', E 14° 8.431'



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